Switch to custom designed application.

If you want an application to be efficient, it must fit the way you do your daily job.
A developped application is a tool, and we make it as simple as possible.

ISKernel is a company specialized in custom and interactively built business web applications and within minutes..
Our solutions field of application is limitless, here are a few examples.
Flexible and customized implementation

Controlled timeframes

Fast development

Evolutive platform

You are just 5 steps away from your dream result

Step 1

Interview aimed at defining your project

Step 2

Create your web application and integrate your visual elements (logo, colors) and navigation.

Step 3

Definition of the technical entities and fields you need to manage. This definition is done interactively.
Your own business rules are then defined and added.

Step 4

Integrate your user logins and add security and access control.

Step 5

Your custom application is ready to be used by everyone.